Friday, April 23, 2010

Ross have a good performance,Cavaliers 39 points unsuccessful reversal

Knight is the only time leading 2-0, Ross free throws in the match right away, lol - then continuously succeed Deng, Bulls to 8-2 beyond. James Shuaidui counter, continuous shooting, but Parker has succeeded, after two-thirds will recover as the score 11-12. But do not let them overtake the Bulls, Rose break layup, Hinrich has hit third, to stay ahead of the Bulls. Ross arranged the Bulls last 5 minutes of this section to the end of 32-21 lead.

Chicago is full of desire to win, play wave II from the start, after 7-2, 39-23 lead with 16 points. James playing again soon after the dunk and foul cause even got to vote with a fine 3 points, but Hinrich has to one-third immediately, continue to maintain double-digit advantage. Knight in this section have 1 minute 20 seconds into the chase when the score 45-52, but then missed a row, the first half by 45-56 behind liberty at the end.

Bulls to a wave of attacks began to Section 12-2, one stroke in order to obtain a 21-point 68-47 advantage. Knight played in this section, nearly six minutes, only to hit a ball, this section there are 6 minutes and 11 seconds, James third hit the bull's Gibson after a technical foul, giving the Knights the opportunity, Williams throws a ball succeeded after shooting, Knight also to 13-0 in the attack wave will catch the score into 60-68. James Knight arranged the final 8 points of this section, three after them 68-79 behind.

Knight last a massive counterattack. Pointer with 4 minutes 17 seconds, then James Jamison pass layup, only 92-94 behind Knight. Critical moment lol - Deng hit a ball for the Bulls, NOAA followed steals from the hands of James, Ross field goal in the Bulls will be extended to six points advantage.

Knight missed a row, then Williams is not in the third, while the West got the rebound after being swept away further offenses, Rose once again shooting, leading the Bulls to 100-92.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kobe Bryant 21 points Thunder loss the game

Section II also 5 minutes 28 seconds, Bynum scored with 3 minutes to vote with a penalty after leading the Lakers to 41-24. Green also to third, thunder began to fight back, play a wave of attacks 13-4, three consecutive succeeded in Westbrook, will pursue into the score 37-45. The Lakers failed in the last 5 minutes, shooting, this section only the last 5 minutes 28 seconds Gasol dunk. After this section, only the Lakers leading 47-39.

After the opening 3 minutes, Bynum succeeded on two occasions, a hook, a breakthrough to the basket, the Lakers 10-4 start. Durant played the game nearly five minutes after the first succeed, this section also four minutes, he scored again Bulan, Thunder to 10-14 behind. Gasol dunk has to, since two thirds succeeded Fisher, the Lakers opened the score. Durant said before the game 10 minutes before they will be learning experience, the fact is true, the first section of them to 13-27 behind 14 points.

Thunder started the third quarter after the Westbrook hit a ball, but then they missed again and again, the 6-minute pre-holiday only 3 points on. Fortunately, the Lakers hit rate is not high, no thunder was throw off too much. This section also 5.8 seconds, the Durant hit two free throws, the Thunder only 56-62 behind. Odom also has free throws with 2 minutes, the Lakers 64-56 to maintain the advantage of 8 points.

Thunder and speed with the young superstar and experience with the Los Angeles Lakers to contend, in addition to the first section, in the later three are not they strive. Competition also 4 minutes 28 seconds, Westbrook hit two free throws, the Thunder scored five points to tie it into 71-77.

Two frequently missed, Thunder repeatedly missed opportunities to narrow the gap. Still in the game 1 minute 30 seconds, third succeeded veteran Derek Fisher, Lakers 84-74 to expand the. Thunder once again after the gap narrowed to 7 points, Lamar Odom offensive foul, giving the Thunder the opportunity, but the Green walking offense, Gasol missed two free throws in the two-pointer with 33.3 seconds, the Lakers 86-77 to maintain our edge, locked to seal the victory.

Bagua x The Wu Tang Brand Slip-On Shoe

Oliver "Power" Grant and RZA designed the new shoes slip-on through the cooperation of the Bagua and The Wu Tang to launch.This shoe is low-cut and use the Wu Tang classic black and yellow color.April 14th,The shoe is on sale  available in Paris RZO Store and Pigalle.Only Limited edition of 360 pairs.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Air Jordan 2 Retro Premio 4 lanch

Too much exposure before the news and this pair of Air Jordan 2 Retro Premio details, I believe we already know the news before watching it very clear that, today, we announce: the new Asia will be at 11 o'clock on the April 10 This heavyweight formal shoes on sale, limited edition 1097 pairs worldwide, each pair of embroidered separate number.

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Air Jordan 2 Retro Premio 4

Bryant missed,Lakers win over king three game losing streak

April 14, Lakers general Kobe Bryant missed, but still 106-100 victory over the King, defended the last one home this season.

Lakers (57-24) had worked hard to pass. Bryant rest, starting Shannon - Brown scored 24 points, Pau Gasol 28 points and eight rebounds. Sasha off the bench  Vujacic scored 13 points and six rebounds.

Kings (25-57) ended a three-game losing streak of the season all the games. Their only hot news is that Tai Ruike - Evans may be the best rookie, and he has become the fourth NBA rookie season in the history of average scores, rebounds and assists 20 +, 5 +, 5 + players. Evans ate twice in the third quarter today, technology, was ejected, 10 points 3 assists.

No match for both sides too much significance, the Lakers let Kobe rest altogether, Brown replaced him starting to play.

Bryant's absence, the Lakers bench to get more performance opportunities, they are terrific. Little chance of Morrison playing there in Section 3 minutes 22 seconds hit third when the Lakers to 51-49 beyond. Walton also hit a two-thirds since then, the Lakers began to take hold. Appearance of the first half, the Lakers have 10 people standing to the credit score to 60-54 lead.

Section III also 8 minutes 05 seconds, Evans layup succeeded, the king only 66-67 behind. But Evans then ate two technical fouls and was ejected. Evans's departure so that the morale of the king, since they are not in the last 5 minutes shooting, the Lakers shot a wave of 10-1 to 77-67 to expand the. After this section, the Lakers lead to 86-73.

King is still playing very tough, still in the game 1 minute 16 seconds, the Houdry third hit, will become a 100-104 score chase. Gasol then mistakes the king have the opportunity to once again narrow the gap, but Thompson is not in the third. Brown in 28.2 seconds before the whistle after the shooting, the Lakers victory.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brooks almost locked the fastest progress awards,good or bad?

April 13,Rocket best Kings 117-107, Rockets win  5 game in this month. But the main hand attack Aaron  Brooks had 11 shots, only 4 scored 10 points in  Martin 39 points in a bad light illuminated, so the data will undoubtedly look very pale.

However, this war down, on the Brooks case, has not anything. Even if the last two games without a point, it is difficult to conceal a small cloth progress this season. U.S. time on April 12, NBA official net forecast for the final awards season, which, he gave the fastest progress prize was awarded to a small cloth. And shortly after, official website and another expert with respect, honor small cloth is necessary to achieve results. In addition, earlier before, including ESPN, ring in the world, and other famous American basketball media, are also named in the awards season, will be selected as the fastest progress in small cloth Award.

Indeed worthy of the glory of a small cloth. Before the King, a small cloth averaged 19.8 points, 5.3 assists and 2.7 rebounds last season, three statistics were more than 8.6 points, 2.3 assists and 0.7 rebounds, followed by growth rate reached 76.8%, 76.7% and 35%. And in the two-point shooting and three-point accuracy on the improved than last season, also hit a career record.

However, in the eyes of a small cloth, called the fastest progress awards honor, not his ultimate pursuit. "I do not want to win this award as a target," a small cloth attitude firmly said, "In fact, as long as I year in the league, I would call their own progress. This is my third year in the league effect, made it big leap, mainly because they get more playing time, have taken up more responsibility. from middle to high school and then to university, I always strive to improve and achieve a new level. Therefore, this season, I not feel more special. Since I play since this is my usual way of working. "

From this perspective, even if the return of Yao Ming in the coming year, Martin is still staying effect, we still have reason to expect a small cloth to make persistent efforts in the future. The awards honor the fastest progress in the final analysis, is only a recognition of this season, and get it, is not necessarily onto a mark of success. Earlier, the United States has even suggested that if we can avoid and even refused to receive the fastest progress awards, because share of glory, and sometimes, more like a curse.

Thunder negative pioneers set the eighth West


Trail Blazers (50-31) two consecutive victories. Brandon Roy to injury and Marcus  Marcus Camby scored a season-high 30 points and grabbed 13 rebounds, Andre  Miller 22 points and seven assists, LaMarcus  Aerdeli Church 15.

Thunder (49-32) two-game losing streak, winning the last race whether they are western eighth. Kevin  Durant scored 30 points, Jeff  Green 17 points, Russell  Westbrook 11 points 7 rebounds.

Two teams to fight for the final ranking. Thunder, if lost, will be identified as the eighth, the first round to face the Lakers. No one wanted to run into the first round of the Lakers, all want to win the opponent, with the playoff field as intense atmosphere. Trail Blazers general Roy missed the playoffs remains to be seen whether the play. Nevertheless, they still defend the last home.

Trail Blazers to 30-20 win third quarter, three quarters to lead 73-71. Thunder 10-4 to start the fourth quarter wave, this wave of attacks in the Green scored 8 points, Thunder lead to 81-77.

Competition also 5 minutes and 31 seconds, the two sides into battle 88-88, but Thunder blunders since then been frequently shot does not, in 3 minutes without a point, Portland seize the opportunity to play a wave of 12-0, in the Competition also 2 minutes and 31 seconds to expand the advantages of 100-88.

Thunder Durant finally hit only one note from the third, then once the gap to six points, but it was too late.